Thursday, July 08, 2004

happy fill in the blank

today, the 8th of july, is a very special day ... it is diana's birthday today and it is erik and my 9 month anniversary! hurray!!

this is the coolest thing ... check out a whole spider-man movie made completely out of legos.

the movie, which loads quickly and is about 6 minutes long, comes from the site and is *extremely* well made! the storyline, the animation, the orchestrated music ... check it out, i promise you'll love it!

and if i needed another reason to loathe kid rock it seems that he is a GWB supporter as well as a shitty "musician".

A stubborn Kid Rocks the Bush vote

apparently, he was hanging out with rap mogul russell simmons and they all went to see a movie, kid rock balked at going to see fahrenheit 9/11:

"I don't want to see that, it's all propaganda," the rock star said - sparking a prolonged political debate right there on the sidewalk ... "Russell, don't you understand, everything we got in this country, we got from fighting," Kid Rock argued, according to Simmons' account. "It's just a movie. ... I'd rather go to the bar across the street."

insane! well, not really i guess. rich people want to stay rich ... i'm just happy that most of hollywood votes with their minds and hearts rather than their wallets. whatever, it's not as if i needed further proof that kid rock was an asshole. while "everything we got in this country" we may have "got from fighting", i think it's vastly important to make sure that we're fighting the good fight, not merely fighting because we can. securing our oil interests in iraq is NO REASON to wage war with them ... tho it would be nice if we had invaded purely out of democratic reasons. i think it's abundantly clear that that is not the case.

blah ... anyways, moving on ... michael moore has started his own blog which i have linked on the right of my blog under lisez vous. it will be interesting to read his daily rumminations.

the plan for tonight is for erik and i to have dinner at zumba (one of our favorite places to eat that we rarely frequent anymore) and then catch a movie. i think we're going to see dodgeball

we're seeing this movie for two reasons:

  1. we've been talking about seeing it since it came out and this might be our last chance to do so before it leaves the theaters.

  2. we only ever see scary, dumb, pointless movies on official dates (see; party monster, texas chainsaw massacre, love actually).
erik and i celebrate like nobody's business!