Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Lord Of The Ring

I have gone and done the unthinkable, even for me. On a whim (and because of a stupid ad in the back of US Weekly) I ordered a replica of Britney's engagement ring from

I was all wrapped up in the hoopla surrounding Steve and Stephanie's wedding and I thought it would be funny to order the ring just to have. I mean c'mon, it was under $20. Whatever, don't judge me! Anyways, I placed the order and then completely forgot all about it. UPS just delivered the ring and I have to admit it's pretty cool-looking. It's real sterling silver and the cubic zirconia looks really sparkly. OMG, I just turned into a girl! Hahahaha ... whatever ... I've already told Erik that if we get hitched I better be opening one of those baby blue boxes from Tiffany & Co.