Monday, August 09, 2004

The Bitch Is Back

Had a nice time hanging out with my mom. My dad was in a mood but my mom was being really cool. It's usually the other way around but as long as one one of them is in a good mood then it's going to be be a good time. I caught the news while I was at my parent's house and found out that Terry Nichols, the Oklahoma Bombing co-conspirator, gets to live. He's damn lucky those Oklahomans didn't skin him alive right in the courtroom. Ah, but there is still time.

Got home to find Erik sound asleep on the couch. The poor guy. He was so wiped out from the weekend's activities that he had a pretty crummy day at work and needed to sleep it off. He was going to make dinner but didn't wake up from his nap until after 8pm -- I talked him into having pizza for dinner instead.

We watched some TV, something we haven't been able to do in eons. I finally got to watch Growing Up Gotti. Can I just say how disappointed I am in A&E. I was under the impression that this cable channel was dedicated to broadcasting programming that showcased the best of the arts. Biography used to be their most watched show. Now they are airing stuff like Gotti, Airline and some show that follows around a bounty hunter. Reality TV has really gone too far. That's not to say that Growing Up Gotti isn't pure evil genius. It's so horrible that you just can't not watch it. Although, it would be helpful to have a New Jersey to English dictionary handy. It's hard to understand what the Gotti's are saying half the time. The only thing I don't understand is the Gotti Boys' hair -- WTF?! It's horrible! EEK, and one of them reminds me of one of my exes. Scary!

I also got to catch up with Road Rules X-treme. Those dorks keep losing missions and now half of the original cast (Danny, Kina and Ibis) have been replaced with new people. I think it would totally hilarious if the show ended with an entire new cast of people. I predict that they will lose at least one more mission, resulting in one more cast member going home. Anyways, while flipping around the channels Erik stopped on Fox and we caught the end of North Shore. I was totally against watching that drivel but did so with my arms crossed and a scowl on my face. After the show was over they aired a commercial over the credits that announced that new episodes of North Shore would begin in September. I was completely unimpressed until they announced that Shannen Doherty would be joining the cast of North Shore! I would be very interested in watching Shannen Doherty on TV again. They are hoping that she will be able to save the show (and raise the ratings) the same way that Heather Locklear did when Melrose Place was starting to tank. Shannen is going to play a "bitchy" character named Alexandra Fuller for 3 episodes. If the ratings improve she is going to be cast full time. Yay! I have never watched one episode of North Shore (or the other summer hit Summerland for that matter) but would happily become a loyal viewer if only to see Shannen Doherty on TV again.

Right before Erik and I retired to the boudoir we flipped to NBC to watch the last 20 minutes of For Love Or Money 4. We were totally suckered into caring how the whole stupid thing was going to end. The dude gave up a chance at a million to keep the girl. The chick did the same thing. So love won out in the end? Whatever, it was a long and drawn out ending that made us gag ceaselessly and yet, we never once considered turning off the TV. Hmmm, that's not good. Erik was in control of the remote control all night long, perhaps that was the problem. It's never wise to let the rookie take control so early in the game. He inadvertently got me hooked on North Shore. He must be stopped.