Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Out For A Cruise

Ruh-ro! It seems that my new pop princess has freed herself from excess baggage. Ashlee and Ryan call it quits. The New York Post Page Six has the story but I don't think they archive their gossip articles so I'm posting the full text here:

Out in La-La land, pop sensation Ashlee Simpson has called it quits with singer Ryan Cabrera. Cabrera, also managed by Ashlee's father, Joe Simpson, has been featured on MTV's "Ashlee Simpson Show," but scheduling problems have doomed their budding fling.

"They are both so busy with touring and promotion," a source shared. "They looked at the calendar and realized that the next time they'd be able to get together is a year from now."

A representative for Ashlee -- whose latest album, "Autobiography," recently topped the pop charts -- did not return calls.

Well Hmmm. He was apparently a singer before she was and now she's all famous and he is only famous for being her boyfriend on her TV show. $10 says that he broke up with her because he couldn't handle her fame. I say good riddance. When you are the new reigning pop princess you need to be free and unfettered by hangers-on. Look what Kevin Federline did to Britney Spears! Ick! Chin up Ashlee, you'll be just fine. You need to date within your stratosphere of stardom. Maybe a guy from Maroon 5 or one of the guys in Yellowcard? Either way, you'll get a new man soon.

Oh Paris, Paris, Paris. In her dazed and confused state recently she ventured out into the world wearing a very loose tank top and into a throng of paparazzi. Long story short, Paris Hilton let one slip. Thanks to the website The Superficial, you can see Paris' wardrobe malfunction (HERE).

Tonight, after I helped Erik with some quick yard work (yes folks, I raked leaves and grass clippings AND I pulled weeds ... with my hands!) I drove out to West Bloomfield to pick up the Voluptuous Latina Babe Sarah so that we could hang out for her birthday. I wanted to do something fun with her on her birthday so I offered to take her to a movie. Of course it was her pick so we went to see Collateral. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it wasn't what I got. The movie was very intense if completely unrealistic. I think I was expecting more drawn out drama. The movie was total edge-of-your-seat suspense. I was kind of let down by the resolution but overall it was a pretty good movie. I think VLB liked it. I know she liked Jamie Foxx a lot. I was happy to see two of my phones (Moto V600 and Nokia 6820) in the movie along with the flash drive that I use. She has to get up early tomorrow (6am) so we didn't make it a late night. I dropped her off after the movie. BUT we've made plans to hang out Friday night. Erik will be going out with his friend Andrea (who will be visiting from Kalamazoo for the night) so VLB and I are going to chill out and watch the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics. Yes, I realize that we are nerds. Oh well, what do you want from me? If you think I should be doing something more exciting come take me out.