Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Butt Out

This is really funny AND SCARY! Some weird-o dressed up as Batman was able to infiltrate the security at Buckingham Palace yesterday. Fathers? rights campaigner Jason Hatch, 33, got into the grounds with a ladder then used it to scale a wall. He spent five hours on a 25ft ledge next to the Queen?s front balcony. She was not in. Hello, crazy! I can understand the desire to stand up for Fathers' rights but this is totally the wrong way to go about it. I'm surprised he wasn't shot on sight. What is it with horrible security these days? Geeze ...

In other crazy news, what is up with Eminem and his insatiable desire to be nude all the time? If he's not on German TV flashing his ass, he's on the set of his new video flashing his ass (Click the picture to see the full size). It seems to me that all of his homophobic nonsense is just a mask for how he really feels about same-sex relations. He does more "gay" things than most homosexual celebrities.

And I'm not one for stereotypes but how many straight guys do you know that shave/wax their asses?

Dannii Minogue is set to release the first single off her next album (which is due in early 2005); the song is called You Won't Forget About Me (which you can check out HERE).

Dannii has been answering fan's questions at her official message board, here are a few of her responses:

hiya chicks and babes
so excited to get moving with the new material. getting ready for more pop gorgeousness. we were listening to the new mixes of YWFAM. i just got them that day. my favourite is the Afterlife chilled mix by my mate Steven Miller. can't wait till you hear them all. i see you like the video. Mama has done a great job - again! no calender this year, sorry. i have been following your strict instructions to get another album out, so locked myself in the studio and kept going. i can't believe it's September already. so much to happen before x-mas. off to do some filming today. keep posted. i'll be back! Dannii xxxxxxxxx

Um, complete sentences much? Anyways, I'm jazzed about the new album ... Wee!!