Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Murder On The Dancefloor

News is s-l-o-o-o-o-o-w today. So, I'm going to post about ME! Well actually, about Matt & Ame's wedding pictures that have just become available online. Digital copies of all of Matt & Ame's wedding pictures are available for purchase online as of last night. Here are a few of the pictures. I love how the photographers were in LOVE with Erik because only Ame is in more pictures than Erik is (and I suspect that Erik is in more pictures than Matt is). There are a couple of really bad pictures of me (I look like I'm having a fit on the dancefloor) so I opted to not share those with all of you lovely people. Click the image above to see it larger.

Anyways, as I said -- there really isn't shizz for goss today. Perhaps Britney's wedding has zapped all life out of the gossip world? Hmmm, we all wait with baited breath for the official wedding pictures to surface (People magazine?) but there is news that she DID have Kevin sign an "iron-clad" prenuptial agreement which is the smartest thing she's done in, well, her whole life ...

R.E.M. fans should head over to My Space where you can stream their new album for 2 weeks before it gets released. I'm not an R.E.M. fan but I'm sure this information will benefit someone.

And finally, could YOU live for 2 weeks without the Internet? I surely would curl up and die ...