Monday, October 18, 2004

Truth, The Letter

Britney Spears has been promising her fans a Letter of Truth. It was believed that only fan club members would get this letter but that seems not to be the case, from her official website:


Dear Fans,

I am going to start writing this column now as often as possible. The reason being is so I can talk directly to you, my fans, who have stuck by me & who continue to support me. Also, I'm not going to be as busy as my Mom. She's running behind my sister like crazy! I am also going to take some time off to enjoy life. I've actually learned to say "NO!" With this newly found freedom, its like people don't know how to act around me. Should we talk to her like we did when she was 16 or like the Icon everyone says she is? My prerogative right now is to just chill & let all of the other overexposed blondes on the cover of Us Weekly be your entertainment... GOOD LUCK GIRLS!! I'm sorry that my life seemed like it was all over the place the past 2 years, it's probably because IT WAS! I understand now what they mean when they talk about child stars. Going & going & going is all I've ever known since I was 15 years old. It's amazing what advisors will push you to do, even if it means taking a naive, young, blonde girl & putting her on the cover of every magazine.

I know now that my knee gave out on me this past summer so that I would have no choice but to stop. My body was shutting down and needed rest. It's funny how the Man upstairs works. Right now, I have to go-- I really want to watch "Saved" with Mandy Moore and re-runs of "Sex and the City." I want to enjoy all of the simple things that I missed over the past few years due to working way too much.

Being married is GREAT and I can't wait to start my family! There is so much change going on right now... not only with me, but in the world, as well. So, the next time you see my face, hear one of my songs or even if I'm the topic of your next conversation, please remember that times are changing & so am I.

Love always, Britney

P.S. I look forward to writing you all again soon. Kevin and I are finally able to take our Honeymoon!!

Hmmm ... click HERE if you want to see the actual letter.

Personally, I think she's due for a break. I think the time off might do her some good. She seems to be spiraling down an abyss and she really needs to figure out who she is. I suspect she might realize that she's rich enough to NOT have to be something that she's not. It's clear she wants to have a family, and that's great.

But, my gut tells me that this will end up being a phase that she will grow out of. I hope she realizes this before she has babies and stuff. Oi! I wonder how long it will take for Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff to marry white-trash husbands and the like?