Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Star Wars Holiday Special Ed

I just couldn't bring myself to believe all the horrible things I've heard about The Star Wars Holiday Special. This TV special aired one time in 1978 in an attempt to capitalize on the Star Wars hype that the first movie generated. For years I've heard about this TV special mainly because of how horrible it was. I was finally able to download and watch the thing myself (thanks to the Internets) and I can now honestly proclaim that it is beyond horrible. I can't even begin to explain fully how bad it is (Chewbacca's seemingly motarded family? Bantha Surprise? Wookie-Ookies? Bea Arthur?) so I will have to suggest you watch it for yourself. I was able to download it via BitTorrent HERE. Or for a limited time only, you can download the AVI file directly HERE. It's really a thing you have to see for yourself:

Diahann Carroll??

Maude Bea Arthur???


I cannot BELIEVE that Darth Vader lowered himself to actually appear in this horrible, horrible mess!

I swear to the Gods, I really think Carrie Fischer was high as shizz -- you simply MUST see her perform her holiday song ... It's even worse than the song, Goodnight But Not Goodbye, that Bea Arthur sings in the cantina!!!

I suppose it does have redeeming merit -- all of the principle Star Wars: A New Hope cast members (minus Sir Alec Guinness) appear. And the character of Boba Fett is introduced (in an animated short).

I'm not kidding here ... YOU MUST SEE THIS SHIZZ FOR YOURSELF. Find out more about The Star Wars Holiday Special HERE.

And may the farce be with you!