Monday, January 17, 2005

Cold Fuss

I don't know about where you live but it's daaaamn cold here in Detroit (9°F; Windchill -2°F). It's very upsetting to wake up cold and realize that you're in a warm house and that it is much colder outside. Boo! Bring on the global warming already.

Alrighty ... so we've had a few days to ingest the new Britney Spears video for Do Somethin' (which she actually sings as Do Suh-ehn) right? This video was, apparently, shot in 4 hours and looks surprisingly good for such a quick shoot. Well it seems that more care and thought went into the video than is seemingly apparent. Those industrious Britney fans out there have come up with some interesting theories. The claim is that certain parts of the video were modeled on earlier Britney videos but also that the video is chock full of clues (i.e. song titles) for new Britney songs too. Britney already gave us one of her new songs and the title of that song is shown early on in the video:

The theory is that all other text in the video (and there is much of it) also refers to song titles for new music -- check it:

Click image for larger (more readable) size

Mona Lisa (on the metal doors)
Hole In The Wall (Destination/Club)
Strut (on the Hummer's mirror)
Auto Pilot (the auto pilot button in the Hummer)
FBI (Britney's hat)
Love Boat (Britney's pink shirt)

While this is all purely speculation (and could turn out to be completely unfounded) it is an interesting theory. There are parts of the video that seem to mirror scenes in other Britney videos:

Click image for larger (more readable) size

Oops, I Did It Again, I'm A Slave 4 U, I Love Rock & Roll, Me Against The Music and Toxic. I think that the closeup shots in the beginning look like scenes from Stronger. The theory here is that since the song is meant to promote her Greatest Hits album then homage is being paid to her greatest hits.

This shit is either totally right on or there are too many teeny-boppers out there with a lot of time on their hands. Hmmm ... look folks, I just pass the information along to you. Don't hate on me.

In other Britney news, did the movie Pauly Shore is DEAD! ever reach the theaters? I heard that it was "coming out" sometime last summer but that was all I heard. Well in any regard, Britney is in the movie:

The movie comes out on DVD at the end of January (the 25th I believe).

Didn't Ashlee Simpson say that she didn't want to do the stuff that her "glamorous" sister, Jessica, does? Should hard-rock Ashlee be on the cover of Cosmo? Hmmm ... well, we do know that Gwen deserves the cover of Rolling Stone:

You can read the Gwen article/interview HERE.

There has been a sudden rush of Eliza Dushku photoshoots hitting the Internets:

If this is all promo for the 2nd season of Tru Calling then I say kudos! That is a great show that needs support in order to survive. Eliza is the only Buffyverse actress/actor still on the air (well, at least for the time-being). We have to take care of our own, y'all!

This week's issue of Entertainment Weekly is all about the movies coming out in '05. Nicole Kidman and Will Farrell are on the cover:

Not only do they talk (if only briefly) about the Bewitched movie but they also touch upon Batman Begins, Star Wars: Episode III, Harry Potter and more. I love EW! I just renewed my subscription for the next 2 years. Gotta keep my fingers firmly on the pulse, y'all.

Is it completely wrong that I love this Hello Kitty cell phone?

Ooh, or how about this Hello Kitty racecar?

Okay, okay ... the car is a bit much ... but that phone is really cute. NOT that I would ever dare ... I'm not even ballsy enough to buy that Hello Kitty toaster that I keep seeing at Target. Boo!

I love Bill @ Tottyland. He keeps us all supplied with just the right amount of mancandy on a daily basis. I found this ex-Abercrombie model via Bill's links:

Big up to Billy boy!

And now, the news:
Last night we (being Sarah, her cousin Michael and Mark) hung out and saw the weekend's #1 movie Coach Carter. The movie was pretty good, not too schmaltzy and pretty realistic (there's an abortion and an unhappy ending). I couldn't find any pictures of the locker room scenes but I did find this picture of the hottest basketball player in the movie:

Hot! His name is Channing Tatum and he's a former Abercrombie model as well! What is it about the dumb jock look that I find so fascinating? I think it's the pecs and abs ... call me crazy.

Anyways, after the movie Mark and I got inside this booth that laser-etches your picture onto a metal charm:

Double hot!! The damn thing is like 1/2 inch big and cost $5 but we just had to do it. Note the shocker pose. Yeaaaah boyyyeee!

Today will be a lazy day hanging out with Erik (we're bound to finish watching Buffy today) so I may holla atcha laters.