Friday, January 14, 2005

Get Write

I've never really understood how Britney's personal assistant, Felicia, was able to secure her hold on Britney so tightly:

Felicia has been with Britney since the very beginning (she played the teacher in the ... Baby One More Time video) and continues to be constantly at her side. Wouldn't it make more sense if Britney had a gay guy as her personal assistant, I mean really ... who could more fully understand Britney than a gay man? I'm pretty sure that Felicia sold her soul to the Devil or something ... or maybe she's a gay man herself and we just don't know it yet? Hmmm ... just wondering.

Alert: Girl Gone Wild:

Click image for larger size

Lindsay Lohan ... we in the goss biz salute you. ::Sniff:: It kinda brings a tear to my eye ::Sniff:: [via Defamer]

Speaking of girls gone wild ... I'm not sure what to make of new celebrity couple Tara Reid and (ex) Detroit Red Wings hockey player Sergei Fedorov [picture via Oh No They Didn't!]

I guess they make a cute couple. So when Tara is not spending time in Metro Detroit, or showing the world her boob scars she's hanging out with Sergei at the beach. Aww ... how sweet.

CBS has announced the details and revealed the cast of Survivor 10: Palau:

There were a lot of lesbians on Survivor 9: Vanuatu so I'm counting on there being a ton of gay dudes this time around. And I'm not talking about no Richard Hatch-type homos ... I want hotties! Don't let me down Burnett!!

For those of you who really want a new iPod Shuffle but already own a regular-sized iPod -- Gizmodo has the solution for you:

1. Get a Post-It note
2. Get your iPod
3. Put the Post-It note on the iPod

The hack also works with iPod Mini (but you're going to need smaller Post-It notes).

I must own this shirt:

In case anyone was wondering.

Oh! I totally forgot to express my happiness that the cutest contestant on the Battle for Ozzfest won the competition:

Yay! I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout-out to the show that my dear Jeffy worked so hard on.

So, I tried and I tried and I tried to resist the really stupid awesome song Call On Me by Eric Prydz (this song is huge on the other side of the pond). I made the mistake of watching the video and then downloading the song at iTunes and well ... I love it. The video is awesome too, if only for this reason:

And not so much this reason:

Hey, whadda ya want from me?

And now the news:
If you are interested in having the poop scared out of your body then you might want to check out A Tale of Two Sisters:

We weren't able to see A Very Long Engagement last night (due to a projector malfunction) so we saw A Tale of Two Sisters instead. Yeah, very The Ring, very The Grudge ... but scarier and more complicated. I really enjoyed it ... imagine that, a movie that makes you think.

I can't wait to get through this day! I have an errand to run after work:

I need to get my shopping on. Later.