Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Fan Mail

I was very surprised and happy to find out that super cool Junk Magazine co-founder Brad Walsh had me listed as one of his favorite blog links of 2004. I came to know Brad from the frequent times we ran into each other at various Tori Amos meet-and-greets both in Ohio (where he's from) and here in and around Detroit. We've kept in touch and chat occasionally. I am such a HUGE fan of Junk Magazine ... his vision for the mag is incredible. It's tasteful but sexy ... very smart and well-written (Erik is a fan as well, especially of the article entitled Are The Killers Gayer Than Fitness Fridays!?).

Anyways, I wanted to return the favor and give Mr. Walsh a shout-out. I've had him listed in my blog links for a while but I sincerely doubt many of you pay any attention to the stuff over there on the right sidebar (bad you!).

Additionally, I want to also give a shout-out to Miss Paige of Toronto, Canada. Her site is hilarious! It's so well-written and smart. And, hello, she's sooo cute ... and crazy! She sounds a lot like Candice which means if we ever hung out there would be serious trouble.

I wonder if she's high right this second ... hmmm .... anyways ...

I love reading her exploits because she's real y'all ... really freaking HOTT! C'est what?

Read her!!!