Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Scary Japanese Spaceship Hair

So let me tell you the saga of my hideous hair. I am so lazy! I have needed a haircut for EONS and it has taken me since Thanksgiving to get my stupid locks shorn. I really wanted to go to Barbarella in Hamtramck but Sandra is in such high demand that it is impossible to get an appointment with her, let alone a last minute appointment. I figured I would just go to the guy who I usually go to (even though he's a misogynist ass) because he's good at cutting hair and is always available. Yeah, he's on vacation until the 28th. What was I to do?! I couldn't possibly go to the Scissor Sisters show tonight looking the way that I looked. I decided to take a chance on 6 Salon in Royal Oak:

Ame has told us the horror stories of the scary Japanese spaceship hair haircuts they give there. I decided to take the risk. The building that 6 is used to be one of my favorite record stores in Royal Oak (Repeat The Beat; R.I.P.). I have passed the salon many times and really love the design of the place. Surely a place with awesome design work can't be bad, right?

I was able to get a same-day appointment with Tony. When I got there I was introduced to Pete, he was the one who cut my hair (I guess Tony was too busy for me or some shit). I have the worst gaydar so I couldn't sniff him out. He did remind me of a younger Tony Danza which left me all the more confused. I am fairly certain, though, that he isn't a misogynist asshole so that's a plus for him. He gave me a great haircut ... I love it. To be honest, any haircut would have looked great on me if only because my hair looked so bad to begin with. Pete already talked about what we were going to do the next time I come in so I think I found a new hair salon:

Erik called to tell me that he picked up our Scissor Sisters tickets so I didn't need to fret any longer.

And I just realized that I probably blog too much. Ah well, eat it, bitches ;)