Thursday, February 03, 2005

Eye Get It

I have to admit, I was very disappointed with the Ashlee Simpson Show last night. They completely glossed over what actually happened live from New York ... I wanted to see some ho-down jig-dancing and all I got was a slow-mo face scrunch. I wanted more! I get why she was really wanted to get over the whole thing as quickly as possible because she just wanted the whole thing to go away. All I kept thinking about was her upcoming horrorshow that was the Orange Bowl performance.

My homies over at uncovered some screenshots of Ashlee undergoing laser eye surgery. If it's good enough for Jessica then I guess it's good enough for Ash:

Click to see a bigger picture

Man, I wish I had some sort of eye injury or at least less-than-perfect vision so that I can do what all the cool-people are doing:

And while some people might be excited to have 5th row center Orchestra tix for Ashlee's tour, I'm pretty damn happy with my 3rd row center Orchestra seats!