Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Risky Bizznazz

I need to thank the many people who emailed me various links that broke the news that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are hellbent on grossing out the world by revealing that they are dating:

Um ... let me be the first to say YUCK!

People magazine says:

The romance was confirmed by his rep after he and Holmes were photographed together, hand in hand, in Rome on Wednesday evening.

"She's a really genuine person," says the friend. "She's the real deal."

Access Hollywood adds:

Holmes's representative also confirmed the match, saying, "They've been dating for a while."

The Insider has the story too but offers no new information, but it does have the picture you see above.

What the hell??? He is way too old for her! Um HELLO ... are they trying to be the new Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore?

More on this as it develops. Thanks again to all of you who sent me the story ... I was busy at the Garbage concert ... but we know that good gossip waits for no man. I'll have great Garbage pix to share tomorrow.