Tuesday, May 03, 2005

666 Really Is An Unlucky Number

Not only is The New York Post making all of its online readers register with their site in order to read any of their content (and, as of 3:00 PM, their stupid registration site doesn't even work yet) but they have decided to SUE Perez Hilton for trademark* infringement! It looks like Perez Hilton and PageSixSixSix are in serious trouble.

NYP Holdings Inc. v. "Perez Hilton"
5/2/2005 05 CV-4305
Trademark infringement and unfair competition arising from defendant's unlawful use of plaintiff's trademark "Page Six." Plaintiff claims that defendant registered and operates the domain name "www.pagesixsixsix.com" for a gossip website which directly competes with plaintiff's "Page Six" gossip column.

This is some serious bizznazz, y'all. I can't think of anything so uncool as to go after a blogger like this:

The NYP is really trying to piss off EVERYBODY today, aren't they? I really hope Perez comes out on top on this one ... Damn the man, save the Empire ... er ... Blog ... you know what I mean.

Oh shit, I hope Pink doesn't come after me next. Yikes!

*Thanks WH