Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Lost Everything

I am so upset.

You have no idea how fucking upset I am.

I have lost every post that I ever posted on this blog. The archives, everything from day one is gone. Blogger deleted my entire blog on accident.

The only post left is the one I wrote this morning because I saved it to a Word document. It's gone ... all of it.

I cannot express HOW HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW. The folks at Blogger fixed everything ... the archives are back ... everything is back to normal! Much love goes out to Naveen from Google and Robin from Blogger for saving me from an early death. I <3 you guys totally!!!

I also cannot express how much I appreciate all of your kind words, suggestions and encouragements. I was literally on the floor in despair and it was by reading all of your comments that I started to glean hope.

FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY <3 -- THANK YOU ALL so much for everything. You guys are the best and I'm going to keep doing this blog for as long as I can.