Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby!

So, as we await the first pictures of the newly born Sean Preston Spears-Federline to emerge let's have some fun with the official website for the new fragrance Fantasy by Britney Spears. The site went live today and offers up some really fun goodies ... my favorite offerings on the website are the voice ringtones:

There are 4 different ringtones that can be sent to your compatible cell phone for free. I already loaded all 4 onto my Motorola Pink RAZR.

The website also offers a customizable post card section where you can create your own message and have it sent to anyone you like:

Isn't that fun?!

Additionally, the site has a podcast to download with the promise of more podcasts to come:

While I like the idea of downloading Britney podcasts I'm not sure what to make of the podcast that is available for download now. I dunno ... it just makes me feel weird when I listen to it.

You can also download wallpapers and screensavers for your computer:

Personally, I think this kind of promotion is genius! There are a lot of cool things to download and play with ... it makes the product seem very desirable.

Make sure you explore everything that has to offer ... and somebody call me already ... I want to hear my phone with its new Britney ringtone!