Wednesday, December 28, 2005

PopoZao Is Comin' Atcha

The end is surely nigh ... in just a few short days, on New Year's Eve, Kevin Federline is set to drop his debut single upon the world ... homie sent out a My Space bulletin with the announcement:

I'm not exactly sure what a PopoZao is but I do know that I am very frightened. [thanks Amber for the head's up]

In other K-Fed "news", the aspiring rapper was seen making a huge withdrawal from the ATM ... he was all scowly after checking out the remaining balance on the receipt:

It's funny ... he's always taking money out the the machine but he's never seen putting money into the machine. Isn't that strange? [Source]

OY! Spederline were made for one another ... I think it's pointless to try and fight them as a couple:

I just know they're gonna make it work ... Ack! [Source]

In other couple news, Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler are still having a grand ol' time in Aspen, CO.

This is another couple that seem to be doing very well with one another ... [Source]

... but one thing is very clear, Mischa Barton is capable of the worst taste in clothing EVER:

She can't be serious with this outfit ... can she? Pajamas and riding boots??? What could possibly be a worse clothing combo? [Source]

Lindsay Lohan flew back in New York City this week ... which would explain the superhero cape:

I stand corrected, this outfit might be worse than Mischa's. Is superfug gonna be the fashion trend for '06? [Source]

Paris Hilton is still maxin' and relaxin' on the beaches of Hawaii ... here are some pictures of Paris with her billionaire friend Brandon Davis:

Can I never see a picture of Brandon Davis with his pants unzipped ever, EVER again please? Thanks. [Source]

Liv Tyler is the cutest mom ... here are some pictures of Liv with her 1 year old baby boy Milo hanging out over the weekend:

That's all ... they're cute ... the end. [Source]

It seems that New York Knicks basketball games are THE place to see the celebs these days ... here are pictures of a whole slew of celebrity Knicks fans enjoying a game:

Claire Danes doesn't look like a big basketball fan ... but Julianne Moore seems to be really enjoying herself ... well, she seems to be really enjoying that beer. [Source]

Drew Barrymore is featured in the new issue of Pop magazine:

I'm not really feelin' her John Waters-esque Hairspray-lookin' hair do ... but eh, I've seen worse ... I've seen Kelly O. in an open-backed dress. ::Shudder:: [Source]

And finally ... Tori Spelling has finally found the true love of her life and his name is Dean McDermott ... their love is so true and so pure that they cannot even wait for her divorce to be final before getting engaged:

"We're so incredibly happy and in love. We cannot wait to start our lives together," the couple said in a joint statement to People. Yeah ... everything about this latest development just screams Tori Spelling. [Source]

Ugh ... while yesterday morning started out very painfully the rest of the day turned out great. Erik's good friend Olivia is home from LA and stayed over with us the night before. I hijacked her, met up with VLB, Kirsten and Jacob and we all went out for a day of shopping. After an amazing breakfast at Toast we did some shopping at American Apparel and Incognito in Royal Oak. I got the coolest velour track jacket (believe me, it's hot) from AA and an awesome pair of Diesel jeans that were on sale for 50% off! You know, it's like a law that you have to buy stuff if it's marked down 50% ... I had to comply.

Last night the whole gang got together for our annual Family Dinner at Buca di Beppo:

I swear ... I couldn't stop eating ... it was sooo good! This dinner is my fave gathering of the year ... it's always so damn fun.

After dinner we met up with Matt and Amy who are home from Nashville, TN. It's been so long since we've seen them that we couldn't pass up a chance to visit. Erik and I are gonna have to get our asses down to Nashville to hang out with them on their turf.

Today Jacob and I are gonna hang for a bit before he has to get home to East Lansing. I'm fairly certain that Erik and I are gonna do nothing but veg out tonight.

I have to send a huge shoutout to the peeps at The University of Michigan Law School ... big ups and much love to Collin, Meredith and Joanne!!!

That is all ... I'm out.