Friday, December 29, 2006

The Trifecta

You simply cannot talk about 2006 and leave out the most interesting group of new celebrity friends, BFFs if you will, that burst onto the scene this summer. At first, a spandex-laden Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted around LA doing a lot of bike riding, who then was seen riding with Tour de France Master Lance Armstrong, who then both were seen riding with the anti-shirt-wearing Matthew McConaughey -- and then McGyllenStrong (or was it McArmenHaal?) was born. It turned out that both Jake and Matthew were vying for the role of Lance in a biopic about his life and they were training with him until they heard who got the part. Jake ended up winning the role but Matthew ended up winning a drinking buddy. Lance ended up living the fantasies of millions of people (including me) by getting to spend a whole lotta time with both Jake and Matthew. Here are some of the funnest pictures of the trifecta together, different configurations of couples together and pictures of just Jake and Matthew doing whatever it is that they were doing this year ...

Jake Gyllenhaal and Lance Armstrong got a lot of bike training done together this year:

But Matthew McConaughey managed to get a lot of other training in with Lance, too:

Jake met up with Lance in France for the Tour de France ...

... and ended up winning the role that both he and Matthew were going after -- to play Lance Armstrong in the biopic of his life.

Matthew decided that he still wanted to be buddies with Lance:

But he also wanted to be buddies with Jake:

Which I don't think anyone minded one bit:

On his own, Matthew spent a lot of time working out:

He also spent a lot of time showing off:

But with a badonkadonk like this, can you really blame him?

Jakey poo did a little showing off himself:

There were a few times when the zipper on his spandex top failed to stay closed ...

... and suddenly, my hatred for spandex evaporated like the glistening sweat droplets on Jake's chest hair in the golden summer sun ... Whoa! where did that come from? Er ... let's move on ...

Jake rounded out the year lookin' fine as can be:

Obvs, he is proud of his chest :)

The most fun was had, tho, when the three boys were all together ... riding bikes ...

... going to football games ...

... and just chillin' together, melting hearts all across the country:

It remains to be seen if the trifecta will stay intact in 2007 but I'm very much looking forward to seeing what goes down next summer.