Saturday, December 30, 2006

We Got Our Kicks In 2006

There was a lot of really great, fun, scandalous, insane, etc. stuff that happened this year ... I had a very difficult time going thru all the archives and selecting which things to talk about that represented the year for me. I'm sure I may be leaving off some things that many people may take issue with (ie. "why didn't you mention ____?") but I think I picked out the best things to remember 2006 -- at least in my mind ... and here they are ...

First off, I spent much of the year wondering what exactly was going on with Katie Holmes' pregnancy:

Click above to see larger image

Even after she allegedly gave birth ... I was still unsure what was going on ... but it was fun to speculate. This collage comes from the messageboard CPMCoG and was created by a poster called Newmy. [thanks JJ]

Brokeback Mountain looked to be the movie to beat at Oscar time:

But unfortch, my fave movie of the year failed to win the award for Best Picture. Altho the movie won much acclaim and other honors, fans (me included) were a bit upset that it didn't win the biggest enchilada:

This year, the incredible Tori Amos fansite (IMHO the best Tori Amos fansite ever ever ever) closed down for business ...

... but the spirit of the site lives on at

Lil' Kim got sprung from prison:

And Kylie Minogue emerged first in Sri Lanka after going out of the public eye to endure chemo therapy for her breast cancer:

As the year progressed ... she looked healthier and happier ...

... and then triumphantly returned to the concert stage to finish the tour she had to end prematurely the previous year:

2007 promises to be a great one with a new Kylie album on the way.

Jared Leto proclaimed his hatred for blogs:

And then he went apeshizz and attacked little Elijah Wood:

Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan reunited as The SkeletwinsTM at a fashion show this year:

But then Lindsay became the target of much jealousy and hatred ... Brandon Davis, with Paris Hilton's consent, branded her a "firecrotch":

And then Lindsay got her ass chewed out by her boss in a hand-delivered letter that was widely circulated on the InterWeb:

And then she got robbed of over a million dollars worth of jewelry ...

... which turned out to be nothing more than a misplaced, overpriced purse.

This year, Lindsay also decided that she needed to cool off on the hard partying and revealed that she had been going to Alcoholics Anonymous for over a year:

It's been a crazy year for Lindsay ... but she's still alive so I guess she's doing ok.

As the year wrapped up we learned that Michael Richards was a crazy racist:

And we learned that Miss USA Tara Conner could cry herself out of trouble in order to keep her crown:

Which lead to a war of words between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump ... which is too ridiculous to even get into again.

2006 was a fun year ... I had a great time talking about it ... I hope you had a great time reading about it :)