Saturday, January 13, 2007

All About Brit

So there is a lot of Britney Spears stuff today and instead of intermingling this precious goodness with the rest of the day's goss I figured I'd just do a mini Britney post so that her supporters can get their fill and her detractors can just skip over it and wait for the day's regular post ... that way everyone's happy :) But yeah, there is just too much Brit news to not use ...

Here is the first "official" photo of Britney Spears and her new beau (?) Isaac Cohen ... this pic was taken at the opening of Sideways Restaurant and Lounge here in Hollywood on Thursday evening ...

The pair look awfully chummy together ... could it be love? I'm not ready to jump the gun quite so quickly but an official photo at a public event surely calls for a name -- behold, BrIsaac. I love that she's rockin' that "fresh" look ... oh, you know she's wearing make-up but it looks like she's not wearing make-up. They make a cute couple ... and who knows, if they make it to Valentine's Day together then the altar can't be far behind ... right? [Source]

After making their appearance at Sideways, Britney and her crew got their asses out to Tiger Heat where they whipped all the gay boys into an insane frenzy. I just KNEW that it wouldn't be long until Britney showed up at Tiger Heat -- that place is always packed with her hardcore fans and if she's lookin' for fan lurve, then she's looking for Tiger Heat. Here are a couple of screencaptures from a short vid clip (which you can watch HERE) of Britney's visit to Tiger Heat:

I'm only slightly heartbroken that I missed out on running into Britney at Tiger Heat. While I had an amazing time at Area, I would've made sure to pop in at Tiger Heat to give Brit-Brit my regards had I known she'd be there. Ah well ... our encounter will happen one day. [Source]

Here are a bunch of absolutely adorable pictures of Britney and Sean Preston enjoying a lovely afternoon at a playground yesterday (there's even video -- click HERE to watch) ... and what's this??? Has she procured herself a new manny to work with her babies?

Photo credit: Flynet

Well now ... this new dude is no Perry Taylor (Le Sigh) but he ain't that bad lookin'. Nice big arms with which to hold her children ... he seems capable enough. It's nice to see that Britney has hired herself a hot new manny to help her take care of her children ... and by "help her take care of her children" of course I mean "solely take care of her children for her while she goes out and parties every single night". [Source]

Oh ... and here are a couple other pictures of just Britney from her trip to the playground:

Photo credit: Flynet

Cuz, you know, it's kinda gotta be all about her right now. [Source]

And finally ..., her official website, has been updated with a new message to her fans:

Woot! A new website means there may be new music to preview, new photos, wallpapers and icons to download and perhaps *EEK!!!!* her very own BLOG ... you know, one that will be written for her but she can claim she writes on her own. The possibilities are endless and I'm beside myself with excitement over what she's gonna come at us with! [Source]

Er ... maybe I need a new hobby ... more soon!