Friday, January 05, 2007

He's The Boss?

Openly gay, former child-actor Danny Pintauro (who co-starred with Tony Danza, Judith Light and Alyssa Milano on the 80's show Who's the Boss?) has taken to the Internets to find himself a new "friend" of the adult variety ... at least, according to a report that just came out complete with offending photographs. According to THIS story, Danny has posted an ad on a gay adult personals page describing himself in some detail (as if the accompanying pictures weren't enough) ... be warned, the click-thru photos are extremely NSFW:

Click above to see the extremely NSFW explicit image

Danny Pintauro, who played adorable Jonathan Bower on Who's The Boss for eight seasons, posted a personal ad on a gay Web site, describing himself as "sexy, passionate, fun, verbal, obedient (and) open to anything." The ex-child star, now 30, didn't use his real name on the hook-up site but displayed a photo of his face and one of his naked body in which his hand hides most of his penis (which was described in the personal ad as 7" and circumcised). There was a list of sex acts and fetishes he's into and the profile indicates Pintauro doesn't smoke but drinks alcohol and occasionally uses drugs. I've seen recent photos of Danny and I gotta admit that it really looks like him (er, the face shots deff look like him) and the second nekkid pic matches up with the first pic (note the tattoo on the shoulder, it's the same in all the photos). Here is another picture that shows both face and nekkidness:

Click above to see the extremely NSFW full-size image

I suppose it's in the realm of possibility that this guy isn't Danny Pintauro but my money says that it is him. Celebs (and former celebs alike) would be wise NOT to be posting adult ads on the Internets ... these things have a way of getting out. [Source, Source, thanks Jessica]