Friday, March 16, 2007

Greece Is The Word has been updated, yet again, where fans are given the opportunity to send messages of support directly to Britney ... er, well, directly to her people anyways ... that will potentially be posted to the site:

You may recall that fans were given the opportunity to post messages of congratulations on her official website when Sean Preston was born (tho, no such option was available when Jayden James was born) in much the same manner. What a difference a couple of years make. I have submitted my message of support, not that I expect to see it posted to the site. I'm not sure if Britney will even be able to read these messages while she continues her stay at the Promises Rehab Facility ... apparently, she's too bizzy playing tennis to be surfing the web. Just get well soon, Britters ... that's all I ask :) [Source]

Here are a few of the celebs who showed up for the ShoWest Exhibition Film Industry Conference in Las Vegas, NV this week ... the party is over, but things weren't a wrap until a few awards were given out:

Photo credit: Splash News

Spider-man 3 star Kirsten Dunst was named the Female Star of the Year (presumably for her work in Marie Antoinette) and directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez were named Directors of the Year. The beautiful Rose McGowan and Rosario Dawson were just in the hiz to do promo work for their new movie (directed by Rodgriguez and Tarantino) Grindhouse. [Source, thanks Karel]

The cast of the movie version of Hairspray: The Musical were also at the ShoWest conference to do a little promo work of their own ... here are pictures of a few members of the principle cast at a photocall for the movie:

Photo credit: Splash News

Yeah, yeah ... everyone looks all done up and purdy (especially Michelle Pfeiffer -- she looks amazing) but I would've preferred if they showed up in costume. I think I like John Travolta infinitely better when he's dressed in drag. [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of Angelina Jolie and Maddox Jolie-Pitt as they made their way out of the Vietnamese orphanage where her new child Pax Thien currently still resides ... the Jolies left sans Pax but it shouldn't be long now until they're able to bring him home with them:

Little Pax is all ready to go ... he's already got his passport and everything. It's only a matter of time before we get to see pictures of the Jolies, with Pax clutched to Angelina's bosom, trying to make their way thru the throngs of paparazzi as they try to make their way thru the airport on their return flight home. [Source, Source]

Gallery of the Absurd has a suggestion for Angelina to help make the transportation of her cadre of children a little easier:

Hahahahah ... I love it. [Source]

While Angelina and Maddox are child shopping in Vietnam, daddy Brad Pitt is still back in the states going about his bizznazz ...

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm sure his absense in Vietnam is due to the fact that Angelina had to adopt the little boy as a solo parent since the Vietnamese law makes it more difficult for unmarried couples to adopt. Brad is a great dad ... I'm sure he'll be taking Pax for his first ATV ride in no time. [Source]

Speaking of great dads ... here is an adorable picture of Heath Ledger out on a lunch date with his baby girl Matilda Rose:

I have no idea how old this pic is (the purple hat and sweater make me think it's not recent) but it's damn cute nonetheless. [thanks Ashley]

In other cute baby news, the Dempsey twins -- Darby and Sullivan -- went out for their first stroll into the big bad world this week:

All these babies ... Hollywood is being overrun by babies! Lucky all these babies are so damn cute otherwise ... [Source]

Lindsay Lohan is making a spectacle of herself all over NYC showing up all over town, wearing outfits in various stages of fug and smiling all the while. Apparently, L. Lo is a huge Fall Out Boy fan (go figure) and was spotted carting around their new cd Infinity on High:

Photo credit: Splash News

Don't be surprised if Lindsay is the latest Hollywood "It" Girl to make a play for Petey Wentz ... from what I understand, Lindsay takes her work very seriously. She does a lot of research before she goes in for the kill. Ashlee Simpson would be wise to watch her back. [Source]

But, as much as Lindsay hearts dudes (and you know she does) I think it's safe to say that she hearts herself even more. Here's Lindsay carting around the new issue of GQ magazine which features her on the cover:

Photo credit: Splash News

LOL ... she is so showing off that mag. You know ... she looks really happy in these pictures ... it's great to see her looking happy and hopefully all cleaned up :) [Source]

Travis Barker must have a crazy handbag fetish because it looks like he went nuts at the Fendi store this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

What the hell could one rocker dude possibly do with so many purses? [Source]

I don't know why, but I'm so fascinated with the romance between Kate Moss and Pete Doherty ... they may be a couple of messes but they do make a well-suited, cute couple:

They look happiest when they are together. There may be hope for them to live a long and happy life together after all. [Source, Source]

Heroes stars Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia worshiping at the Hockey altar known as the Stanley Cup. Yeah ... I don't get it either but here are the pics:

I wonder if Hayden realizes how many people have touched the Stanley Cup (or worse). I don't know that licking that trophy is a good idea but whatever floats her boat, I suppose. Ew. [Source]

Here are a couple photos from a recent photoshoot that Hilary Duff did in Madrid, Spain:

She's been lookin' so serious lately ... I guess it comes with being dignified. [Source]

And finally, it is my sad duty to wish a Peace the Spork Out to the little TV show that could that eventually ... well, couldn't. Veronica Mars, the orginally UPN show that survived the merge with The WB into The CW, was poised to be the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer ... unfortch, things didn't quite work out that way -- word going around is that the show has been cancelled after only 3 seasons of existence:

Moviehole has learned from "Veronica Mars" star Tina Majorino's representatives that The CW has cancelled the critically acclaimed series. Kristen Bell and the gang won't be back for a fourth season on the network ... The four remaining episodes of season three are scheduled to air in May. There has been some talk that news of a cancellation are premature (show creator Rob Thomas [not of Matchbox 20] claims he knows nothing of cancellation) and that the 4th season might take a radical stab at survival by fast-forwarding the storyline 4 years into the future. Actress Tina Majorino, who plays Cindy 'Mac' Mackenzie on the show, claims that the show is dunzo ... so I guess we'll see how things eventually turn out. It would suck if the show were to be axed ... it's actually a pretty great show. [Source]

UPDATE: Attempts to save Veronica Mars are underway! [thanks Carey]

Les News:
David and I spent the day yesterday out around town enjoying the wonderfully sunny weather. We had a great lunch at the Pho Cafe in Silverlake and then spent the afternoon walking around all over ... ending up at The Grove. We decided to see the movie 300 while we were out ... and I am so glad that we did:

I think the movie is spectacular, it really did look like the graphic novel come to life. I don't think that David was particularly impressed but I loved it. Gerard Butler is amazing in this film ... I totally believed him as King Leonidas. He looked the part, acted the part ... was the part. I couldn't get over all the muscles in the film ... those Spartans were ripped. The story was very engaging and the special effects were great. It's clear that all movie adaptations of Frank Miller's work will take on this special-effect heavy tone (think Sin City) which I quite like. I know that there are some people who are turned off by sort of movie-making (tho, looking at last week's box office seems to belie that statement) but I embrace it. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and heartily recommend it to anyone interested in war films, computer generated blood and half-nekkid dudes fighting one another.

We stayed in last night, ordered some sushi and enjoyed Ugly Betty on the couch. I just love having David here with me ... we are having a great time. Tonight I believe we are heading out to help Tony celebrate his birthday at his danceparty at Pop Starz. I know David is up for some sort of St. Patrick's Day partying tomorrow ... tho, I don't think we're doing it up hardcore (ie. we won't be at the pub at 7am) but we're planning on getting out there at some point.

It's the weekend, tomorrow is a great excuse to party so I hope y'all do it up! Have a good one, I am out.