Thursday, March 20, 2008

And Now A Message From Danity Kane

I interrupt this blog for a special announcement direct from Danity Kane themselves for all their fans out there ... the ladies sent me this message and asked that I post it, so I figured I'd post it:

First of all, it's great to be back on MTV and be a part of "Making The Band" again. This season has been insane, with living with the guys of Day26 and Donnie and working on our album -- it has no doubt made the experience very interesting! And even though at times it was difficult to share the same space with them it's an experience we'd never forget. Even while writing, recording our albums, dealing with Diddy, and continuously trying to challenge ourselves as artists, we got six new friends out of the deal :-)

We cant express enough how excited we are about our second album "Welcome To The Dollhouse" in stores this week (I'm sure you already have your copy ;) This time around the album means a lot to us because it is from our hearts -- we got the opportunity to write for it, we helped to pick the songs and really got to be a part of the creative process this time around. We came up with the concept for this album and picked the name. Some of the instrumentals on the songs reminded us of a wind-up doll so we thought the name "Welcome to the Dollhouse" would describe the feel for the music and for our style. Diddy trusted our judgment for the vision of this album and let us run with it (sort of). LOL

We had our album release day on Tuesday 3/18 and it was a world wind. We were up at 3am and appeared on CW11, TRL and did an album signing at Best Buy in NYC for all our fans. And since you know we're not all work and no play, we ended the day with a little album release party at Tenjune in NYC ... We had a blast and want to thank neyo, fabolous, patti labelle and everyone else who came out to support us it was great seeing the response from fans as they were listening to our tracks. And now we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor with our first single off the album "Damaged" topping the charts ... what more can you ask for?! We are headed for a #1 album!!!!!!

We're not going to take up anymore of your time since you'll get to see all of us in our glory this Sunday, March 23rd on MTV when the Making The Band 4 season Finale airs at 8pm ET/PT. We've put together a 2 hour special that's packed with performances by us, Day26 and Donnie. We're really looking forward to showing our fans what we've been up to these past few months. Thanks for letting us share our thoughts with you. We want to send a shout out to our fans ... Thank you for all your support, we Love You and will continue to make you proud!!