Sunday, March 23, 2008

Better Than Nothing?

Philanthropist socialite Paris Hilton is spending part of her Easter weekend far from home this year as she has made her way to South Africa to join Good Charlotte while they are on tour there right now. Not content to just tag along as a band groupie, Paris spent some of her time in South Africa with some of the school children at Jakaranda Kinderhuis School in Pretoria where she posed for pics with the kids and bestowed upon them "autographs, xeroxed pictures and hugs" ... here are a couple pics of Paris doing her charity work:

While some celebs make the trek to South Africa to offer assistance with medical aid, food aid or humanitarian aid, Paris offers stacks of photocopied photographs of herself with her name scribbled on them ... to children who prolly cannot read yet. I suppose she should get some credit for making the effort ... I wouldn't be surprised if she really believed she was helping brighten up these kids' lives. Bless her little heart. [Source]