Saturday, March 22, 2008

60 Minutes With Les Beckhams

This Sunday night the incredibly hawt Anderson Coopper talks to the incredibly and insanely hawtter David Beckham in a segment on 60 Minutes wherein Becks talks about his family, his career and his love of tattoos. has posted a short preview video from the 60 Minutes ep and here are a few screencaps from that video of Becks showing of some of his ink to the Coopster:

We all know David Beckham's first two passions (soccer and family), but as the superstar tells Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes this Sunday, the guy is also obsessed with his ink. "I think everybody's got a way of expressing their feelings, and mine is through my tattoos," Beckham says of his 15 body tattoos. He also shows Cooper the likenesses of wife Victoria Beckham (on his left arm) and the three cherubs on his right arm (for sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz). Also revealed on the CBS interviewing (airing Sunday): Beckham, 32, has the option to purchase a Major League Soccer team in the United States when his contract with the L.A. Galaxy runs out, sometime in 2011. But before that, he's got some soccer to play. Beckham wrote on his blog Thursday: "The new MLS season is less than two weeks away and I'm really looking forward to the first game against Colorado Rapids. This is my first full season with the Galaxy, so obviously I want to stay fit and play as many games as possible this year."

Becks's blogpost goes on from there ...

Ruud Gullit has come in with new ideas and lots of experience, so we're working hard in training and just counting the days until the season begins. I'm really excited about the new season and for me it can't come soon enough.

We played our final pre-season game against FC Dallas last Saturday, which finished goalless, though I think we did enough to win the game. We played some great football and made some really good chances.

While in Dallas I met up with some old friends. The last time I was there (which was in 1989 with the Essex Schoolboys) I stayed with Sam and Christine Alacala at their house. They are wonderful people, who welcomed me into their home and I have such fond memories of the time I spent with them, so it was great to see them after all this time, although the family has grown a bit since I last saw them as I'm sure they thought I had.

Tonight I am going to present the U.S Soccer Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award to Pele in New York. I'm honoured to be presenting the award to one of, if not the greatest, footballer of all time. The award is in recognition of his contribution to the game of soccer in the United States. It is definitely deserved as he really raised the profile of the game here during his time playing for the New York Cosmos. Also at the awards, Phil Anshutz, the owner of LA Galaxy (as well as the LA Lakers basketball team) is also due to receive an award, so congratulations to them both.

Speak to you soon


It's unclear if Becks will discuss and show off his latest tattoo (the tattoo which was inked on the left side of his body across his ribs) on the 60 Minutes segment this weekend but we can hope. I'm still on the fence about renewing my season tickets for the LA Galaxy this time around. I'd love to watch Becks in action again but I'm weary of shelling out the big bucks in the hopes that he will play every game. I think I may just buy individual tickets to start with and see how things go. I've yet to become a huge soccer fan but if anything can bring me on board, it'd be David Beckham. [Source]

In other Beckham news, wifey Vicki B. took her middle child Romeo out for a shopping jaunt on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA with Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria in tow yesterday afternoon. The trio made the rounds in the swanky shopping district and made stops at Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Yves Saint Laurent. Here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Bauer Griffin and Splash News

I understand the ladies caused quite a stir yesterday as hordes of gawkers followed them everywhere they went. Additionally, Marc Jacobs has just released yet another ad for their new collection which features VB in another strange yet artistic (?) pose ... check it out:

She has made no secret of her desperate desire to be a style icon. But Victoria Beckham's latest bizarre outfit only confirmed her status as fashion victim extraordinaire. Wearing a raven black headpiece that almost defied description and puckering her face into the oh-so-familiar pout, Posh Spice appeared to have beamed down from another planet. Her usual sleek bob had been transformed with the help of a fringe made of feathers all topped off with a bow. The wannabe style queen struck up her latest gangly pose for designer chum Marc Jacobs. In an open-and-cut case of shoot the stylist, her outfit comprised a shapeless beige sack dress, a pink bra and bizarre tape draped around her neck and shoulders. The ensemble was finished off with the ultra-expensive Mika handbag, a crocodile-skin confection festooned with gold chains ...

I'm not sure if looking the part of Wife of Xenu is meant to sell clothes but good for Vicki B. for giving it a try. It's clear that VB puts all of her trust in Marc Jacobs because I don't know that anyone else could get her to pose in such a ridiculous way for an ad campaign. I often remark how dispassionate VB appears but there is one thing that deffo comes across in these Marc Jacobs ads ... she really does have a sense of humor. Playing the fool for fashion deffo takes a person who gets the joke. Personally, I like VB best when she's shoved inside a shopping bag. [Source]