Saturday, March 22, 2008

Audrina Can't Have All The Attention

You wouldn't think that Hills star Audrina Partridge is a shy girl, especially with those fun pics of her all over the place, but the truth is ... she's kinda really shy when people ask her about those aforementioned fun pics of her that are all over the place. Here are pics of Audrina lookin' surprised and not really wanting to talk to the photogs taking pics of her as she made her way home this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

Her BFF Lauren LC Conrad is also not very interested in talking to anyone about Audrina's nudie pics either ... she was on KIIS FM earlier this week and refused to offer anything about the pics to Ryan Seacrest and has remained mum when photogs ask her what she thinks as well ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... after all, why would LC need to talk about Audrina when she can talk about herself ... and more specifically, the US Weekly coverstory that she freely gave to the magazine and then recanted from a little bit before recanting on her recant and clarifying that she's still cool with the mag:

Lauren Conrad doesn't know when to shut up. In this week's Us Magazine, poor Lauren goes off about betrayal and how she was stabbed in the back by BFFs Brody and Audrina. Then she goes off on her blog, claiming that her words were twisted ... A source at Us Weekly tells us MTV execs loved the cover- and the storyline matched exactly what they're promoting for the "Hills" season opener on March 24. Then, we're told, Audrina freaked. She was having a "very emotional week" (naked pictures and all) and we hear "went into a rage" when she read the article. Our source says Lauren, scared to lose her BF, posted the blog as an olive branch to Audrina. Problem is, Us Weekly is probably the only mag that cares enough to put LC et al on the cover. Lauren's even admitted publicly that Us is responsible for the ratings success of the show. Talking a bunch of smack on her blog about the mag is probably not exactly the best idea ... LC has just issued the following statement, to backpedal clarify: "It was never my intention to criticize Us Weekly as I have a great relationship with them. My statement was only meant to support and stand by my friends." We hear that LC will also be in attendance at an office cocktail party next week in NY.

Yeah, causing a stir with a tabloid magazine over an interview ain't gonna get as much press as nekkid pics but she had to give it a try, right? What won't these girls do to promote the new mini-season of The Hills? [Source, Source]