Monday, March 10, 2008

Exchange Marks The Hot

Let's bring the SexyBack for a quick minute ... in recent weeks I've become strangely obsessed intrigued by the new Spring/Summer ad campaign that Armani|Exchange is running in their print ads and in their stores right now (if you've been to a mall recently, you may know what I'm talking about) . A|X is featuring with a Brazilian model named Miro Moreira in their new campaign and I have become an admirer. Here are a couple pics of Miro from this new campaign:

I'm not quite sure what it is exactly that I'm responding to from this model (tho I have a sneaking suspicion what it might be) but there is something about the whole look of the campaign that really resonates with me. Made In Brazil got a hold of some behind the scenes video and images from Miro's A|X photoshoot and shares them HERE. Mr. Moreira is deffo a crazyhot model but I think I like him better with the sunglasses on ... they give him more of a mysterious look. Dayum, seeing Brazilian models like this reminds me that I need to book a trip to Rio. [Source, Source]