Monday, March 10, 2008

Golfing With The Frenemy

Here's a pretty picture for you ... check out these photos of Papa Jamie Spears (father and conservator of Britney Spears) enjoying a lovely game of golf with his ex-son-in-law (and the father of his grandchildren Sean Preston and Jayden James) Kevin Federline in Tarzana, CA this weekend:

Photo credit: X17

The Spears family has stayed in close contact with K-Fed ever since Spederline broke up (mainly because they were estranged from Britney and needed to stay friendly with The Federline in order to see their grand young'ns) so these pics should really come as no surprise (especially since both men have been actively working towards Britney's rehabilitation lately) but there is something ... skeevy ... about seeing the two of them together like this. I'm not sure what it is exactly ... like they are in cahoots or something. I suppose it's possible that the two men spent part of their time on the golf course trying to figure how to better help Brit Brit with her probs right now and it's entirely possible that they didn't talk about Britney at all (which still isn't a bad thing necessarily). I dunno ... it's one thing to see these two together when the kids are involved (ie. when these two get together to spend time with the kids) but seeing them run around like bachelors kinda rubs me the wrong way ... especially when you consider that one man has control of Britney's kids and the other has control of Britney's person and assets. [Source]