Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hot Dude Of The Week: Justin K

Now, I'm not sure what the temperature is like where you are in the world but I find it absolutely necessary to let y'all know that the weather is absolutely GORGEOUS here in SoCal today ... and has been all weekend. I cannot express how amazing it feels to enjoy this kind of weather so early in the year. This is only my second "winter" in LA and I'm still amazed at how quickly it goes away this early in the year. Naturally, the amazing weather allows the hot mens to lose their clothes in order to enjoy ... which fits in perfectly with our weekly gawk-fest of the Hot Dude of the Week. This week, in fine summery fashion, we get to say hello to Justin:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Now, I must say that it's not quite hot enough for swimming (in either the pool or the ocean) just yet but that doesn't mean that guys like Justin can't dress appropriately for the beach. Personally, I prefer when hotties like this wear less to the beach but a pair of board shorts can be sexy too ... especially when worn by a guy like this (who is playfully splashing water on you). So even if it's not quite warm enough where you are right now ... you can still pretend :) Enjoy!! [Source]