Tuesday, March 25, 2008

YO! Spencer Pratt Speaks

Radar magazine has officially launched their new weekly advice column called Yo Spencer which will feature submitted reader questions and advice from, none other than, Spencer Pratt of The Hills infamy ... here is the first question and Spencer's sage advice in turn:

YO SPENCER! I just started dating this guy who I really like. The other night, we went out and got hammered. I ended up passing out in his bed. When I woke up, I discovered that I had wet the bed. I was so embarrassed that I left while he was still asleep. If I call him, do I have to apologize or can I pretend it never happened? Or do I have to wait for him to call me?

Wow! This is a situation you do not want to find yourself in. I personally would never want to be with a girl who gets so wasted that she's pissing in bed. It's time to sign up for AA, my dear, because drunks are not sexy. Regardless, if the guy's really, really, really cool, he might understand. But I wouldn't count on it. Best bet is to be honest and tell him that was the drunkest you've ever been and that it was a huge mistake and it'll never happen again. And make sure you buy him new sheets.

I must agree ... pissing in bed is a no-no ... so I think that Spencer is off to a long and successful career in advice giving. Head on over to RadarOnline.com to read the rest of Spencer's advice column (you'll never guess what he believes is the "tightest bond in history"). Yo Spencer will be updated every Tuesday. [Source]