Monday, March 24, 2008

And How Did YOU Celebrate The Jewish Festival Of Purim?

The happily married Madonna and Guy Ritchie were snapped making their way out of a Kabbalah gala this weekend in England sporting a couple of festive costumes in celebration of the Jewish Festival of Purim. Maddy was dressed as fabulous diva Edith Piaf and Guy Ritchie was dressed as Moses a milkmaid a comic book character called Asterix ... check it out:

As a legend in her own right perhaps Madonna wanted to draw comparisons with France's most famous singer. The Queen of Pop chose to recreate the smoky look of tragic jazz singer Edith Piaf for a Kabbalah fancy dress party. Dripping in diamonds and shrouded in a fur stole the 49 year-old singer's sophisticated look was in stark contrast to that chosen by her husband. Guy Ritchie, 39, opted to dress as cartoon character Asterix - donning a shapeless white tunic, platinum blonde plaits and a Viking helmet with horns. The annual party to celebrate the Jewish festival of Purim has become a fixture in the Ritchie's calendar ... Madonna has an affinity with Edith Piaf and in 2000 it was reported that she was considering an offer to play the performer on the West End stage. Piaf's story came to renewed prominence this year due to the Oscar-winning French film of her life, La Vie en Rose. Mr and Mrs Ritchie have toned down their outfits since their first Purim outing in 2005. They raised eyebrows when they attended dressed as a nun - Madonna is a lapsed Catholic - and the Pope. The festival of Purim celebrates the foiling of an ancient plot to kill Jews in Persia led by Queen Esther. The tradition of fancy dress is symbolic of the reversal of fate and of Esther's concealed Jewish heritage. Madonna's herself adopted the Hebrew name Esther in 2005.

Clearly, the couple that costumes together stays together. Madge looks great as the Little Sparrow ... Guy looks great as Thor or whatever he's supposed to be. Happy Purim to all!! [Source]