Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Abercrombie Catalog Is Back

Allen from Vision Model Management has just uploaded a set of photos of 19-year old model David Fair, that will be featured in the new "adults only" Abercrombie & Fitch catalog, to the Vision Model Blog. As y'all know, the Abercrombie Catalog went out of print a few years ago due to pressure from conservative groups here in the US and has been resurrected for publication in Europe only. Bruce Weber returns as photographer for the famed catalog ... here are a few of the pics featuring David Fair from the catalog:

Click above to see larger uncensored images

Ahhhh yes ... how I have missed the Abercrombie Catalog. I'm relieved to see that the same look and feel of the original catalog has been kept intact for this new incarnation. To be honest, I don't think folks weren't really interested in the A&F clothing that was sometimes strewn across the hard, semi-nekkid bodies (both male and female) in the catalog but that never hurt sales of the book. While conservative groups tried to paint the publication as "pornography" (and still like to cause trubs for the clothier even today), I've never really considered it much more than a tasteful and artistic photobook which pushed the boundaries for art's sake. Tho, I did see the point that selling the book to minors may not have been the best idea that the company had. I doubt the catalog was ever really meant to sell clothes -- it really was a vehicle for the clothing company to offer a tasteful artbook (and maybe stir up a little controversy as well). I mean, really ... who doesn't love the nekkid human form? The new Abercrombie Catalog is only available in Europe so I'm gonna have to see about having one imported for me. I can't wait to see more pics from the catalog :) [Source]