Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here He Comes ...

Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, Matthew Fox, Susan Sarandon and John Goodman (who are all starring in the big screen live action adaptation of Speed Racer) convened at the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix in Long Beach, CA this weekend to pose for a few pics with race cars and drivers to whip up a little hype for their new movie which opens in theaters on May 9th ... check it out:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Some of you may have been seeing the new trailers that have been playing on TV in the past week ... and I'm sure that you, like I, are completely floored by the hyper-colorness of how the movie looks. As if the Wachowski brothers knew beforehand that all the neon colors would be in fashion this summer, Speed Racer has been amped up and overloaded with crazy intense action and color. I'm really excited to see the film just so that I can take in all the intensity on the big screen rather than on my TV or computer screen.

I plan to see Speed Racer in IMAX because I'm pretty sure it'll be mind-blowing on that large a scale. I dunno if promo appearances like the one the cast did over the weekend at the Grand Prix are gonna do much for ticket sales but I'm totally sold based on the movie trailers that can been seen on the official site. [Source]