Monday, April 21, 2008

Pete Doherty Makes A Pen Pal While In The Pen

Pete Doherty is clearing up at least one rumor while he cools his heels behind bars in a UK jail cell. Writing to an NME reader, Pete penned a short note back to the fan revealing that reports of his drug use while behind bars are wrong. Pete failed to address the news that he has been evicted from his home in this short note but perhaps we'll be getting a new note tomorrow. Here is a pic of the note that Pete sent to his fan (along with a clear translation) and the Daily Mirror report on his eviction:

"Watcha Jenny! All the best from The Scrubs. Tell 'em I'm clean, countin' the days until the next freedom gig! Yours, Pete D."

Well, that settles it. No drugs for Pete. Here's the report:

He's broke, banged up in jail and now Pete Doherty has been kicked out of his house after spraying blood all over the walls. The jailed junkie is thousands of pounds in debt. Now he has been evicted from his sprawling nine-bedroom mansion after wrecking the place over the past year. Popping over to check on the place the landlord was horrified to find that his beautiful country pad had become a stinking hovel. The walls, floor and even some of the windows have been daubed with human blood. And we're told the stench from his abandoned nine cats is so strong it would turn the strongest stomach. After taking one look at the carnage, the landlord cancelled Doherty's tenancy.

Now really, is anyone at all surprised by this news? Surely not I ... but OMG ... I can't wait for Pete's next Letter of Truth from behind bars. Someone get the man a blog, post haste! [Source, Source]