Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Becks Gets Cited By The Po Po

Oh No! David Beckham, who is very fond of driving himself around town in his own car, got himself into a spot of trubs with the police here in SoCal this week. Here are pics of Becks dealing with law enforcement officials by the side of the road after he was pulled over yesterday:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

Here’s the usually squeaky clean footballer (OK, forgetting the REBECCA LOOS incident) getting a ticking off from LA cops yesterday for dangerous driving. Becks was pulled over after making an illegal left hand turn in Hollywood. Naughty. Wearing dark sunglasses and a white short-sleeved t-shirt, LA Galaxy star David chatted to police and was given a £80 fine for the traffic violation. He was also threatened with a point on his driver's licence unless he agrees to go to traffic school. An onlooker said: "David was really co-operative. I think he knew he was in the wrong."

It's unclear what he was pulled over and possibly cited for I knew it wasn't a big deal ... illegal left hand turn, my ass. The officer prolly just wanted to get the man's autograph or something. Becks strikes me as a very capable driver so I'm sure this infraction was really no big deal. Still, I must admit that it kinda tickles me a bit to think of Becks sweatin' in the hot seat as he gets questioned by the cops. I bet he looks all cute when he's all flustered by the threat of police authority :) [Source]