Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Hills: Frenemies


I realize that I missed recapping The Hills last week but with all the TV show taping I was doing with Kylie, I just didn't find the time to do my duty. Apologies. But, I did watch last week's eps as well as last night's eps and I did manage to jot down a few thoughts. For the most part, tho, the excitement isn't what I expected it to be considering what the hell is going on on the show:

The big development in last week's eps was twofold ... first, Whitney got fed up with Teen Vogue (and more prolly editor Lisa Love's bald spot) and left the mag to go work for something called People's Revolution ... which is run (at least on TV) by a ball-breaking, stressed out woman who looks like the living incarnation of the lady bus driver on South Park (all that is missing is the bird's nest in her hair). Whitney managed to keep her facial expressions in check and impressed her new boss ... natch. In Speidiland, it turned out that Spencer's sister got all cozy with Lauren LC Conrad since the ladies were in the same computer class at design school. Against all arguments on both sides, the ladies became fast friends ... cut to this week when LC invited the She-Spencer to her birthday party with her closest friends (I don't think that even Brody showed up for her party). Talk about sleeping with the enemy. Lo voiced her concern that She-Spencer wasn't to be trusted (cuz Lo rules the world) but ... LC thinks she's a "nice person". Hmmm. I don't trust the She-Spencer either but I'm tolerating this friendliness in the hopes that a huuuuuge betrayal is in the works. Heidi and Spencer each have their own issues with his new friendship ... but they've got other problems of their own. Heidi threw Spencer out of her apartment, making him come for his crap ... on camera, of course. This, folks, is a feminist hero in action. I'm sure next week she'll be freaking out as any feminist hero would when she sees her ex-boyfriend flirting with other women. The second ep wasn't all that interesting ... the fallout from LC's burgeoning friendship with She-Spencer continued (hopefully, they won't be beating that dead horse much longer, I want juicier storylines ... can we get to the backstabbing already?) and LC lamented the loss of Whitney from Teen Vogue. I almost cried at the shot of Whitney's empty desk. But then I had to realize that I was making myself cry by thinking about what she had done. Sniff. While these storyline developments are pretty major, they aren't really playing out as salaciously as I had hoped. I hope things spice up next week. All this getting along is boring me to death.