Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Miley Cyrus Surfaces

Miley Cyrus has been totally out of sight in the past few days since the huge (and, IMHO ridiculous) scandal broke out over her "inappropriate" Vanity Fair photo ... but no longer. Extra TV has new footage of Miley showing her shameful face as she made her way out of a Target store in Nashville, TN yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Miley was videoed gabbing on her cellphone while her little sister skipped around, seeming to love the attention from the paps (could she be a Jamie Lynn Spears in the making?). When asked by the photog what she has to say about the Vanity Fair photo, Miley gave a terse "No Comment", said a cheerful goodbye to the paparazzo and then hopped into her SUV. Whatta pro! This VF nonsense is going to shoot her into the fame stratosphere ... right on cue. Yeah, Team Miley knows perfectly well what they are doing. I suspect we'll be seeing tearful interviews on all the major outlets of Miley and her pappy Billy Ray apologizing and explaining how they were exploited very soon. They won't let this story die ... not just yet. [Source]