Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hmmm ... what do you suppose is going on with Victoria Beckham and her amazing disappearing boobies? It wasn't that long ago that Vicki B.'s breasts were inflated to pornographic proportions but lately she hasn't been lookin' quite so chesty. The Sun has picked up on the phenomenon and begs the question -- has VB had a procedure done to ensure that her fun bags gone for good?

VICTORIA BECKHAM's breasts don't know whether they are coming or going. Either she carries a small pump in her Gucci handbag or the SPICE GIRL'S bras are plagued with inconsistency. Her cleavage has caused many a debate over the years. Posh has always played down boob job rumours and looking at this recent pic, she might start to field suggestions of a possible reduction. Variety is the life of Spice, after all ...

My guess is that Vicki B. did not have breast reduction surgery done to her chest, I suspect that she has one of those inflatable beach ball nozzles fitted to her boobs so that they can be pumped up and deflated at will ... depending on how porno VB (and David Beckham, for that matter) is feeling at the time. My guess is that VB got her boob job done at the same place where Katie Holmes was outfitted with her expanding and reducing baby bump that allegedly carried Tom Cruise's baby (remember that thing? It was up and down and up and down every other week for the duration of her "pregnancy"). Isn't modern medical technology wondrous? [Source]