Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Hills: Happy Crappy Housewarming


Meh ... this week's ep of The Hills was another snoozer for me ... nothing really all that exciting took place. The girls hosted their first party in their new home (which isn't anywhere near the Hills of Hollywood ... it's a very nice house nestled in the San Fernando Valley). The big event was Stephen's arrival ... but I was more interested in Justin Bobby's haircut:

The girls' housewarming party looked really tame ... not one single person puked in the pool or anything ... what gives? All the hoopla about Stephen's return was all for naught. The only thing that LC got from his return was closure ... I think she is finally over the boy (which is sure to break Lo's little black heart). Justin Bobby got himself a haircut (and presumably a shower) which tidied him up a bit ... he ain't lookin' too bad, I must admit. Poor Audrina ... forced to live in the servant's quarters out back of the house ... I'm pretty sure she won't be putting up with that for much longer. I bet Heidi could use a new roommate -- wouldn't that be scandalous? Man, I hope something exciting happens soon ... I'm starting to lose interest. Things are much more exciting on Gossip Girl ... which was infinitely more entertaining this week than last week. Georgina Sparks rules, y'all!!! The Hills better step it up. [Source]