Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dude, Looks Like A Lady

Jessica Simpson is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Esquire magazine. In an homage to the 1965 Esquire cover which featured a photograph of model Virna Lisi with shaving cream on her face, Jessica recreates the iconic image for the newest issue of the mag. When Virna Lisi posed in this way, the image was meant to make a statement about women's rights ... I have no idea what statement Jessica Simpson is trying to make with her photo, especially when you take into account the photos from the rest of her photoshoot. I somehow doubt that "women's rights" is what she was going for by looks of her protruding nipples:

There was never any doubt Jessica Simpson's beauty regime was thorough. But the blonde bombshell has just taken her primping to a whole new level. The pop singer turned reality TV star has been pictured holding a razor to her face, which is covered with shaving cream for the cover of men's magazine Esquire. The shoot is a recreation of a famous Esquire image of Italian actress and Marilyn Monroe lookalike Virna Lisi from March 1965. The photograph was originally conceived by esteemed art director George Lois as a provocation on women's liberation. He said in 2005: "I spoofed the upcoming woman's movement by slapping shaving cream on the beautiful blond Italian actress Virna Lisi [because] no American beauty had the [guts] to pose for it." Jessica, 27, has now stepped up to the challenge, although given her well-documented struggle to differentiate chicken from fish on her former reality show Nick and Jessica: Newlyweds, it's unlikely to be an effort at any kind of social commentary.

Well now, first Heidi Montag is hailed as a feminist hero by the New York Times for her exploits on the hit MTV show The Hills and now Jessica Simpson posits herself as an advocate of women's rights by slapping some shaving cream on her face on the cover of a men's magazine. What could possibly be next ... a female president? Women truly have come a long way, baby. [Source]