Friday, April 11, 2008

Going Thru The Motions

Victoria Beckham got her domesticity on this week when she paid a visit to her friendly neighborhood Whole Foods (with a very hot-lookin' bodyguard in tow, I might add) in order to pick up some grub for her family ...

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

... tho, many shoppers were confused as to why a Barney's New York mannequin was prominently placed in aisles thruout the food store. I understand they were also perplexed when the mannequin stepped up and paid for her purchases with a Black American Express card. [Source]

Later on, the aforementioned mannequin blithely attended an LA Lakers vs. LA Clippers basketball game with her hot hubby David Beckham at the Staples Center in downtown LA:

It's a game of four quarters, played by men of amazing stature and agility. But although she's married to a pretty handy sportsman herself, Victoria Beckham looked less than enamoured with a trip to the basketball. Quite frankly, Victoria looked bored stiff as she sat in the coveted courtside seats at the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers game at the Staples Centre in LA. Dressed in a sober black sleeveless shirt and jeans combination complete with high heels - Posh looked less than animated as she sat with David's arms draped protectively around her. With a look of intense concentration on her face, Posh vainly tried hard to follow just what was going on. Husband David looked much more relaxed in a navy blue military shirt, baggy jeans and trainers - if a little unshaven.

In Vicki B.'s defense, I don't think she was bored stiff ... she was prolly just in need of a tune up or something. In happy news, the Lakers handily defeated the Clippers 106-78 ... I believe Vicki B. managed to almost smile when everything was said and done. [Source]