Thursday, April 03, 2008

Good News & Old News From Our Dear Britney

A super svelte-looking Britney Spears graces the cover of this week's issue of OK! magazine which also reveals the weight-loss secrets that helped Britney shed 15 pounds in just 4 weeks ... altho, it looks like the magazine thought it would be a great idea to use a 5-year old photo of Britney to illustrate the story:

It seems miracles really can happen. As the world watched Britney Spears' debut last week on How I Met Your Mother, it was obvious that the former pop star was looking good, dare we say it, even back to her old self! "It looked like Britney had lost 15 pounds in four weeks," a source close to the singer tells OK!. And sure enough — gone was the bloat, the ratty hair and the puffy face. In their place, a slimmer, fresh-faced girl with a smile on her face and determination in her step. So how did she do it? "Britney's a pro at losing weight fast," a Spears pal tells OK!. "She can drop seven to 10 pounds in two weeks." Although now, in Britney's case, it's about adopting a longterm plan she can stick to. Sources say Brit has given up her old unhealthy weight loss habits, like popping laxatives and diet pills. The 5-foot-4 singer has also replaced soda and fast food with five, small protein-packed meals a day. Doing so has enabled her to peel off the pounds. "Eating five meals a day will boost your metabolism," Dr. David Katzin of Fresh Diet, a meal delivery program tells OK!. "In fact, by eating superclean, Zone balanced foods at each of your five meals, you will find that your metabolism goes into overdrive, becoming extremely efficient at burning calories." And get this — Brit's even cut back on her Starbucks Frappaccino fixes! "Britney used to come in every day. Now she just comes in from time to time and orders a lighter version," a barista at a Malibu Starbucks tells OK!. To complement her healthier eating habits, Britney works out regularly as well, although you probably won't see her jogging around her neighborhood. The recovering pop star enjoys daily dance workouts at L.A.'s Millennium Dance Complex, where sources tell OK! she does squats along with chair and pole dancing. When she does run, it's on a treadmill at home, away from the spying eyes of the paparazzi.

Um, yeah, while this is an extremely positive coverstory (for once) the whole thing loses a bit of credibility since the magazine decided to use an image of our dear Britney lookin' 15 lbs. lighter ... from an old Glamour magazine photoshoot ... from 2003:

This week's OK! Magazine cover features a photograph of Britney Spears with the headline, "Britney Lost 15 Lbs in Just 4 Weeks!" and a subhead, "Back to her old body with the miracle food that sheds weight fast." Back to her old body, indeed. The image OK! uses to show Britney's transformation is actually from a 2003 photo shoot for Glamour's Women of the Year issue. With rave reviews of her guest spot on "How I Met Your Mother," Britney does actually show signs of a comeback and a return to her old star self. But unfortunately, OK!'s cover photo choice paints an unrealistic picture of her comeback, which is a work in progress — and shows that the only way to "Steal Brit's New Diet Secret," as the cover screams, is to go back over 4 years in time.

LOL! Clearly someone thought that folks wouldn't notice the recycled image ... but in the age of the ever-watchful InterWeb, things like this rarely escape detection. [Source, Source]

Here are bona fide new images of Britney Spears out and about and causing her usual commotion as throngs of paparazzi and gawkers alike swarmed around Britters as she tried to go shopping and then enjoy a night on the town. Clearly, Britney is still in high demand. There is some good news on the Britney front today, tho. TV Guide is reporting that Britney is in talks with CBS to reprise her guest-starring role on How I Met Your Mother:

Photo credit: Splash News and Bauer-Griffin

Britney Spears and How I Met Your Mother are looking to rekindle their mutually beneficial relationship later this season. According to multiple sources, Brit's in talks to reprise her role as Barney's fraternal twin Ted's stalker in at least one more episode. "It all depends on her availability," whispers an insider. Brit's first go-round on Mother was a resounding success for all concerned: The yet-to-be-renewed CBS sitcom received a much-needed ratings boost and Spears made headlines for doing something other than driving to her local Starbucks.

This is great news but it was totally expected ... after all, Britney helped HIMYM win their highest TV ratings ever ... of course they're gonna want her back on the show. I think it would be genius if she did reprise her role on the show, so much so that she becomes a series regular. Well, ok, that might be pushing it a bit ... but her acting role was such a positive experience, I'd love to see her move forward in that arena. I'd also like to see her stop wearing fluorescent bras underneath her white shirts but I guess we can't always have everything we want. [Source]

UPDATE: Click HERE to hear Britney Spears's former manager Larry Rudolph's interview with Ryan Seacrest on KISS FM this morning where he talks primarily about his role on the new MTV show Rock the Cradle ... but he does talk a wee bit about Britters ... it's deffo worth a listen.