Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Vicki B.

Everyone's favorite robot, the illustrious Victoria Beckham, turns 34 years old today and last night stepped out on the town with a couple of friends and her supersexy hubby David Beckham to get the party started a bit early. Here are a few pics of VB and Becks along with her BFFs Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsale as they stepped out from having dinner together at the just-opened Hollywood eatery Beso (which is owned by Eva Longoria) ... curiously, the Cruises were noticeably absent from the festivities:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

Victoria Beckham's stepped out with a gaggle of high-profile girlfriends for an early 34th birthday celebration - British actress Kate Beckinsale, and Eva Longoria - but where was girlfriend Katie Holmes and husband Tom Cruise? The couple who had famously welcomed the Beckhams with open arms upon their high-profile arrival in Los Angeles, were noticeably absent at the dinner for the Spice Girl as Eva Longoria's Hollywood eatery. The Cruises were nowhere to be seen as Posh, who turns 34 today, enlisted her other A-list pals to help her kick off her birthday celebrations a day early. Joined by new best friends, actress Kate Beckinsale and Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, Posh dined at Beso, Longoria's Latin-America restaurant in Hollywood. Bastketball widow Eva's husband Tony Parker was - as usual - on duty for team San Antonio Spurs, however, she played the generous hostess, inviting her celebrity friends to her newly opened restaurant. Looking very futuristic in an electric blue mini-dress, Victoria giggled with the girls in the back seat of David's personalised Lincoln Navigator 'truck' as he played taxi driver for his wife and her pals. Katie Holmes conspicuous absence comes after a source claimed husband Tom is concerned that the Spice Girl is rubbing off on his wife just a bit too much. According to the source, the actor is keen to put some distance between his actress wife and Victoria.

You know, I'd expect that the world-famous Beckhams would have a few more friends to call on to celebrate an occasion like this but, really, we don't see them hanging out with many folks at all. Shoot, I bet they only called Eva just so they could eat for free at her restaurant. Kate is a new friend, they've only been hanging out for about a month now. To be honest tho, if I were married to David Beckham I don't think I'd make much time for anyone else either ... and maybe that's what's really going on. Any any rate, I guess I should send out some Birthday Lurve to Vicki B. ... and best wishes that all her cogs and silicone parts hold out for at least another year. [Source]