Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Manual Labor

Jamie Lynn Spears continues to go about her bizznazz in her hometown of Kentwood, LA as she makes preparations for the arrival of her first child. Since getting engaged to babydaddy Casey Aldridge, JL has been making it a point to show off her diamond engagement ring at every opportunity (she even started wearing it on the right finger). The only thing is ... since word came out that the couple got engaged they've still not been seen together ... here are new pics of pregs JL Spears (wearing a cheeky Phat Lady shirt) unloading baby things from her car all by herself with her strapping 18-year old fiancée nowhere in sight:

Photo credit: X17 and Bauer-Griffin

I think it's great that JL is all about doing things for herself but a little help might've been nice. Is this a harbinger of things to come? I'd expect the babydaddy to disappear after the baby arrives but it doesn't strike me as a good omen that he's already not around. [Source, Source]