Friday, April 18, 2008

Suri Enters Her Second Year Of Existence

Suri Holmes-Cruise enters the terrible 2's today as the little hatchling celebrates the 2-year anniversary of her creation -- however she came to be. Curiously and perhaps suspiciously, little Suri has been out of the spotlight for the past few months, only surfacing from time to time for short periods of time (perhaps to remind the public that she still exists/functions). The little Miss was last seen in the company of her male caregiver (Tom Cruise) during a little play date at a park earlier this month ... and today, she is celebrating her 2nd birth creation day:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

Last year, Suri Cruise celebrated her first birthday with a lunch at her parents' compound in Los Angeles, where members of both the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes clans gathered to dine on pizza and cupcakes from a Beverly Hills bakery. This April 18, as she turns 2, it seems that the birthday girl got an early start on gathering her presents. In January, as her mother was promoting her movie Mad Money in Manhattan, Suri and Katie managed to hit toy heaven – better known as FAO Schwarz – where Tom threw Katie her own birthday bash in 2005. As history has proven, birthdays bring about awfully big celebrations in the Cruise family. Whatever the plans this year, Happy Birthday, Suri. And a pinch, to grow an inch.

It's very strange that more ado hasn't been made about Suri's big day today. There was so much hoopla surrounding the little creature's ... arrival ...and her first months of "life" but the media onslaught seems to have fallen completely away after Suri turned 1 year old. Now, I've always been skeptical about pretty much everything about the spawn of TomKat so this questionable absence falls right in line with my suspicions. Could Suri have been hidden away in order to undergo a major software upgrade or parts replacement? Your guess is as good as mine. I do hope that Suri has a fun birthday, tho ... alien or Earthling, robot or humanoid, everyone deserves a fun second birthday party. Happy Birthday, Suri! [Source]