Thursday, April 17, 2008

The TV Guide: Detroit, Here I Come

Last night I got to hang out with Mike for the first time in what felt like ages, which was very good for both of us. He's been working like crazy with a big case coming up and I needed to be distracted from my own woes of late. We ran around Burbank before grabbing some grub at the Outback. Yes, those deliciously evil cheese fries were just what the doctor ordered. It was really nice getting to spend time with Mike again after so long.

I am just about outta here for today, tho, as I'm on my way to LAX to catch a flight back home to Detroit this afternoon (I hear it's been warmer there lately, let's hope it stays that way). I will only be home for the weekend but my entire trip is centered around the SASS danceparty that is taking place at OSLO this weekend:

SASS has to be one of the funnest parties I've ever gone to so there was no way I was gonna miss its return. I'm counting on all my Detroiters to come out and dance with my and my peeps this Saturday night cuz who knows when we'll be able to SASS again. Posting will resume tomorrow, as usual (tho I have another post ready for posting in a bit) ... but as for now, I'm audi.