Friday, April 18, 2008

Go Home, Boy

Britney Spears suffered a sudden case of shyness yesterday as she made her way out of a hair salon (with significantly more hair than she went into the salon with) in West Hollywood, CA ... here are pics of our dear Britney hiding behind a blanket that was held up to offer her cover from the throngs of paparazzi:

Photo credit: Splash News

HMMM ... what could she be hiding? Do you suppose she was just feeling a bit camera shy or do you think she was trying to keep her new 'do under wraps? ORRRR ... could she have been trying to hide the fact that she made a new friend at the salon ... cuz, after Britters jumped into her waiting vehicle this shirtless dude with a shaved head jumped into the car as well:

Photo credit: X17

She may have divorced dancer Kevin Federline, but Britney clearly has a soft spot for this type of guy. The singer and her assistant were spotted picking up a shirtless, K-Fed lookalike at a petrol station in LA on their way to a Beverly Hills' beauty salon. Wearing jeans and trainers accessorized by stubble, sunglasses and visible boxer shorts, the unknown man's style was reminiscent of that which attracted Britney to her ex-husband. Britney's bodyguard drove him for a couple of blocks but it was unclear whether the pair are dating, friends or if the popstar was just being a good Samaritan. Carrying a blue cup, a change from her usual Starbucks iced drink, Britney looked relaxed in shorts, flip-flops and a pink vest top. She is reportedly getting back in shape to make another comeback with a new grueling exercise regime in addition to dancing regularly.

Well, according to the shirtless g-thug (whose name is, apparently, Josh), he is not at all involved with our dear Britney ... he claims to be a friend of Brett, her new personal assistant ... but he did manage to mention to the paps that Britney is "cool", that "she's a good girl" and that he would be available to hang out saying, "if Brett calls ... and she wants to hang out" he'll hang out. What a swell guy. I just hope that Britney doesn't get sidetracked ... I don't think she really needs a guy in her life right now. Work on that comeback, Brit, leave the homeboys to your personal assistant. [Source]