Friday, April 18, 2008

Taco Belle

On Tuesday night, Vicki B. got to some early celebratin' with her husband David Beckham and her only 2 friends her 2 closest friends, Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsale, at an intimate (and free) dinner at Longoria's new restaurant Beso. Yesterday afternoon, VB celebrated (tho you wouldn't know it to look at her) on her actual 34th birthday with her hubby and her sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz at one of the family's favorite LA restaurants, Pink Taco. Here are a few photos of the entire Beckham family making their way thru the Century City mall on their way to Pink Taco:

Victoria rang in her birthday with a low-key lunch at Pink Taco, a kitsch LA restaurant that serves buckets of beer and £4 Mexican meals. It's not exactly the kind of spectacular, no-expense-spared birthday party one would expect from the self-appointed queen of posh, Posh. A night earlier, the Beckhams dined at Eva Longoria's restaurant with their favourite couple of moment – Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman.

Yeah, it's pretty impossible to snap any photo of Vicki B. where she doesn't look completely miserable but I suspect she was having a great time on the inside of that cold, robotic exterior. The Beckhams clearly have an affinity for Pink Taco (which was the site of the birthday party that VB threw for little Cruz last month) and I can't really blame them. I *love* Pink Taco and go there regularly with my friends (tho, never at the same time that the Beckhams visit, unfortch). I guess I kinda love that VB has the same taste in restaurants (ie. great taste) that I do so I guess I shouldn't tease her too much ... especially at her age :) [Source]

In other VB news, yet another Marc Jacobs ad featuring the birthday girl has been released ... this one not quite as ridic as the previous ads:

I dunno ... I may actually like this one ... it has a bit of that Mommie Dearest chic that is so popular amongst drag queens.