Saturday, April 19, 2008

The TV Guide: Goin' To The Break Of Dawn

Yesterday was pretty chill in the daytime hours, hanging out with my folks while working on the blog but last night was a whole different story. Sarah and I planned a little date together and ended up going out for a nice dinner at Crave in Dearborn, MI. We pretty much ate everything in sight cuz everything in sight was so delish. After we finished there, we met up with Mark and Reggie at Kuhnnen's Brewery in Warren, MI where Mark was playing a gig with some friends. I had a lovely time sampling the spirits that were brewed on site ... the Michigan apple wine was the best but I really enjoyed the mead as well. Yeah that's right, I got my Vikingness on, yo! Here are a few pics from last night:

We weren't quite finished with our evening tho ... we did the afterhours thing at City Club in downtown Detroit and pretty much danced the booze out of our systems until they threw us out at 4:30AM. OY ... by the time I got home the morning birds were already chirping. I did sleep in a bit this morning but I'm pretty astounded I am doing so well today.

Tonight is the big night tho ... the SASS danceparty takes place at OSLO ce soir and I'm very excited to dance another night away. If you're in town here in Detroit, come on out and dance with us. I hear it may be the last SASS party ever so if you miss this one, you might be S.O.L. Hope to see you there ... and I hope I'm alive tomorrow to tell the tale ;)